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Google Bullying vs. Bing Friends

For a long time we have used google search on our web sites. It is my pleasure to announce that google searches will no longer be available in our code. All google references will be deleted and we no longer support their corporate bullshit. Some time ago they sent me a message saying we violated some obscure policies with the way we were using [the search?]. Of course they have that right to make whatever policies they want on things that they offer payment for. Yes we were making about a tenth of a penny anytime someone used the search, however we also had other affiliate accounts that are completely unrelated to the search. We are not even sure if our affiliate accounts were somehow violating their policy.

My first thought was to contact them and see exactly what was the problem. No joy there, they wouldn't reply directly to my inquiries with anything except that we could file an appeal without an explanation as to what the violations were. So we filed an appeal on a general basis with what we thought might be the source of the problem, explaining who we were and what we do. A short while later they replied with a rejection and proceeded to cancel all our google adsense or affiliate programs without so much as a reason why. We lost all monies we had earned from our affiliate programs.

What a way to do business, doing whatever you want whenever you want and without so much as a hint to why. Pure corporate bullying, thinking your beyond ethical business practices and picking on a small urban business over a few hundred dollars earned over a years time. Greedy beyond reproach as far as we are concerned. They still send me their ad coupons for the adsense program because if they are stupid enough not to deal with people as people should be dealt with, then they certainly don't have the brain power to stop sending useless coupons to forcibly closed accounts.

View Darrel Brooks's profile on LinkedInIts too late for google and the GameGrid to reconcile, my frustration at trying to convince them that we are just a mom and pop operation with nothing but the purest intentions for our community is beyond them to comprehend. So we have been busy making new connections with Bing, Yahoo, Bravenet and others that go out of their way to help small business grow on the Internet. If you think about it, google sucks so much they had to pay webmasters to use their search engine, LoL. It comes down to a boycott now and we will encourage the use of Bing and Yahoo, including resetting the defaults on computers we build to make use of anything except google searches.

It is unlikely that a small web site like ours is going to make a difference to these corporate bullies. Each time they call our business because we apparently have 'not updated our google listing recently' our response will be to make sure they know we think they should go have intercourse with themselves. Of course we have tried to stop the calls but their policy is 'not to allow the agents to remove a number from their list' during the call, we have been told to 'go online and fill out the form' which we have done on a couple of occasions which has had zero effect on the solicitations. Another prime example of how ineffectively this corporation is run. Since switching to Bing for my searches I have found my life to be happier.

Tomb Raider from the Beginning

Tomb RaiderTitle: Tomb Raider
Genre: Action
Release Date: 5 March 2013
Published by: Square Enix
Developed by: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Studios (Montreal)

Blood and Gore, INtense Violence, Strong Language

Lara Croft has been a favorite of our family since it first came out and the movies are pretty awesome too. My son was innocently calling Ms. Croft the 'booby girl' by the time he was old enough to talk and he came up with that all on his own. He mastered the game on the xBox by the time he was 5 years old, not much of a surprise there.

Most of the games we played were based on 3rd person shooter Xbox style and all were great plays right to the end. One that came out last year was more like a Mario world style that didn't seem to quite make the grade with fans of the game. There were some great adventures in Chronicles, Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, the later which was my personal favorite of the Eidos versions.

So now after many years of rumors, Square Enix has taken over with an amazing result. The IGN average community rating is 9.2

Once You Know, You Newegg

WiFi & Bluetooth

No it's not an RF signal that would make the citizens for safe technology run for their lives. Just a couple of birds that have added a bit of life to our store.

First there was a Canary named WiFi who's short life was nothing more than an inexperience in the care and feeding of small birds. Not sure he took very well to the amount of daily traffic that came through each day. Without too much detail, we learned proper care and adopted a Budgie we named Bluetooth "the Climber". He came with a broken wing that was from his birth aviary. He's probably never flown much and makes it cool when he vibrates pretending to be a hummingbird. He's a little shy coming out of the cage but he is slowly getting used to people handling him. He also has a friend Beta fish which was named Carl in a contest that ran down at the store last year.

Current Build... GameGRiD v6.4



Vintage Arcade Collection

  • Guerilla War, 2 Player, 25¢ Arcade, is working but out of service pending upgrades to it's power supply, monitor and
  • Classics Arcade, 2 Player, 25¢ per credit, working and turned on most days with a slight discoloration on the lower right of the screen. We should be upgrading this unit with a new LED monitor shortly. Play games like PacMan, Galaga, Dig Dug, Vortec and more ....

Genuine TV Artifacts

  • from Stargate SG-1, This artifact first appears in SG-1 Season 3 episode 14, Foothold, at time stamp 22:59 worn by Richard Dean Anderson (Captain O’Neil)

  • from Battlestar Galactica, 4th Season Premiere, Razor (2007) At the end of the first cylon war a younger Captain "Husker" Adama parachutes into a cylon facility on the world he was investigating, Adama begins searching the maze of hallways for the source of "the screams"? Entering a room he discovers the horror of the cylon's human abductions and becomes witness to the first attempts at a [cylon - human] hybrid. This genuine set artifact first appears as Adama enters the room at time stamp 00:50:06

    Find the 13th Colony!


The HardCore

If you'd like to find some great mainstream gaming web sites, I would suggest GameSpot, IGN or GamersGate! Recently I heard the news that GamePro is no longer going to publish their print magazine. It was a great subscription to have around for reference. Looks like PCWorld has taken over the operations of GamePro, It would take more than that kind of upset in the industry for me to go back to PCGamer! Granted some Indi games can be fun and enjoyable, but after spending a grand or more on an extreme machine, the last game I want to play is one that still runs on a dinosaur 8086 processor. The recent Tv serial, 'The Big Bang Theory', portrays these geeky four stooges as still playing on the Wii and enjoying a round on a DOS based dungeon game. Not going to happen again in my lifetime even though I'm probably one of the fewer sources around that still has all his DOS software.!?

My working unit is a custom designed AMD Phenom™ II X4 955 Black Edition 125W 3.2Ghz Quad Core processor on an Asus M4A79T Deluxe motherboard and G.Skill 6GB matched Dual Channel memory modules, a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 main GPU and a GTX 460 dedicated PhysX GPU with Nvidia 3D Vision Kit on Asus' VG236 3D monitor atop a Samsung LED Syncmaster monitor of the same size. OCZ Vertex SSD installed with Windows 7 64bit Pro in an Azza Case. Other enhancements include a Noctua N14 Dual Fan Heatsink, 1.8TB of RAID 5 Data storage and nMEDIA-PC display panel.

This GridBug was named 'Galactica', after the popular BattleStar from Tv, and provided a baseline for building inexpensive customized gaming units. Everyone can have a Xbox or a Playstation, bah, poodoo! Take a stand against the one world console takeover! Build a personalized Extreme Graphics & Gaming Personal Computer and take advantage of your inner geek right from buying the hardware to tightening the last screw. Anyone wanting to know more can Contact Us about your dream machine or click on any E.G.G. project link.

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