Specialty Gaming & Supplies in Merritt, B.C.

Whether you enjoy a collectible card game tournament, role playing adventures, table top armies locked in battle or classic and new age boardgames. We have a selection of gaming products and accessories! View our unique collection of Genuine TV & Film Artifacts, plus Famous Autographs & Collectibles from the lower mainland FANeXpo and Hollywood North. A Great Place for locally made sci-fi / fantasy crafts, jewelry and books. Most items for sale or trade and we are the local gathering place for PC Gaming, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh, Games-Workshop Fantasy, Warhammer 40K and many other nerdy things. Relax in our air conditioned games room with a Certified Dual-Band WiFi Zone on Friday Nights or special events. Explore the wonders of our computer shop, including a 3D printer and many creations ready for sale or design!

Call or text to (250) 315-8247 for more information. Click Here to contact us online. Fax (250) 984-7447

Many residents may remember or tell legends of a bookstore, Country Bug Books & Gifts, where that favorite comic or graphic novel could be found. Books of all kinds everywhere! A unique library of new, used, collectible, fiction and non-fiction writings that held a special place in the community. Times have changed however; and many things have made keeping such literary repositories up to date and current, almost impossible in a small city like Merritt. We do have access to almost anything gaming or literary at resonable rates. There are paints, brushes, dice, booster packs, sleeves, deck boxes, play mats and all sorts of kits for gaming. Give us a call for directions and check out our facility.

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2049B Quilchena Ave (backdoor)

OPEN 12:00 to 6PM,
Monday to Saturday

  • Closed Sundays & Holidays
  • Open Late on Friday Night until 10pm!
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the Back Door