Specialty Gaming & Supplies in Merritt, B.C.

A Great Place for locally made sci-fi / fantasy crafts, jewelry and books. We have a selection of unique collectibles for viewing, sale or trade and are the local gathering place for PC Gaming, Board Games, Role Playing Games, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, YuGiOh, Games-Workshop Fantasy, 40K and many other nerdy things. Relax in our air conditioned games room with a Certified WiFi Zone on Friday Nights. Explore the wonders of our computer shop with Genuine TV & Film Artifacts, Famous Autographs from the Lower Mainlands 'Hollywood North'.

Please call or text (250) 315-8247 for information.

Many residents may remember or tell legends of a bookstore where that favorite comic or graphic novel could be found. Books of all kinds everywhere! A unique library of new, used, collectible, fiction and non-fiction writings that held a special place in the community. Times have changed however; and the Internet has made such literary repositories obsolete in a small city like ours. We still have access to almost anything a nerdy imagination desires. We have paints, brushes, dice, booster packs, sleeves, deck boxes, play mats and access to all sorts of computer parts for gaming. Give us a call and check out our facility.

A Great Place for gaming curios! Whether you enjoy a casual Friday night card tournament, role playing adventures, table top armies locked in battle or classic and new age boardgames. We have a selection of unique pop culture artifacts, famous autographs, collectibles, locally made crafts, gaming accessories and gaming products!

Friday Night Magic

2049B Quilchena Ave (backdoor)

OPEN 12:00 to 6PM,
Monday to Saturday

  • Closed Sundays & Holidays
  • Sometimes open late!


Phone (250) 315-8247
(voice/text) for service, pick-up or drop-off

Fax (888) 543-8249

the Egg Project

We work mostly with Microsoft® Windows based Hardware repairs and Software optimization, doing Networking, Digital Storage, Backup Scheduling, Internet Security, Malware Removal, Adware Removal, Managed Services and Green Power Solutions for Home, Ouitdoor Receation, PC Gaming or Small Business applications. Get the latest news on Facebook! Computers, Workshops, Gaming Events, Learn Healthy Browsing and more...on Facebook



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Business Solutions or Powerful Gaming,

Multi-Processor, Liquid Cooling, RAID Array Storage, SLi, Crossfire, Solid State Drives, Wireless Access Points, Multi-Function Printers or 3D Print Services. Local Area Networks, Point of Sale, Compact, Desktop, AIO & Touchscreen Systems for small business. From Gaming Extremes to Business Executive Class, hardware is the easy part, it takes software to run the system smoothly and interface with the user. Our Technicians will spec, build and tweak a system to satisfy any demand for stress free task performance and lots of up-time.

Our basic Microsoft® Windows 64bit Professional workstations for business starting at $500. A single user workstations for the executive office or home/office with top notch Internet Security and personalization. Contact Us or visit our shop for a free consultation.

Check out our 3D Print Service!

We use our 3D printing to manufacture parts for the BattBAG™ Lithium Rechargeable, High Capacity Batteries. This process uses PLA hotend plastic layering to create the objects. Surprisingly inexpensive to produce virtualy any 3D rendering. We use a printer designed and developed in Vancouver, BC., that we assembled ourselves. Check out the latest prints, and like us on facebook!

Hardware Repair Depot

Professional diagnosis and repairs to all types of computer hardware, peripherals, handheld devices, tablets or consoles. A local drop off service depot for all kinds of technology. A place for that hard to find part or upgrade.

Software Expertise

Our team is managed by, Darrel Brooks, a certified Professional Business Programmer with over 30 years of experience in software development and implementation. An expert in tweaking software, or a network, to deliver a smooth and enjoyable computing experience. An expert in registry repair or the shutting down and the removal of all types of stuborn malware.

VIPRE 2015 Evergreen 150x180Premium Internet Security

Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Users!

They surveyed VIPRE® customers and other business antivirus users on what they look for when choosing an antivirus solution. View the VIPRE survey white paper to see how VIPRE rated in:

»   Detection capabilities
»   Performance
»   Ease of use
»   Price
»   Overall satisfaction

If your a gamer, it won't slow down your computer!

Businesses can manage all network security from a single console!

Power Management Solutions

Home/Office Line Conditioning and Backup Systems. Portable solutions for Medical, Computing and Entertainment devices, great for camping, power outages and portable lights. Contact Us for more details.

Our Store and Shop

Where once was an independant bookstore called "Country Bug Books & Gifts", next to Black's Pharmacy, now there is the Serenity Lounge Day Spa and behind there is the access portal for our little store and service shop. It's not really that hard to find, there's a large Computer Centre sign which lights up if it gets dark and we're still around. This place is new for us, since April 2015, so we are struggling with the access and the plan is to stick to regular open hours. Contact us for after hours access.

2049B Quilchena Ave (backdoor)
P.O. Box 84
Merritt, B.C.
V1K 1B8

the Back Door

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