The Early 90s

An innovative idea! An Internet PC gaming cafe, with 3D options and some very unique artifacts to create an awesome atmosphere for computer nerds looking into this new technology.

The First Gaming Store in Merritt (established 2011)

As far back as 2006 ... legends of a bookstore, Country Bug Books & Gifts, are told among the residents where that favorite literary work, fiction, comic or graphic novel could be found. Books of all kinds everywhere! A unique library of new, used, collectible, fiction and non-fiction writings that held a special place in the community long before we acquired the business in 2011. Times have changed however; and many obstacles have made keeping such literary repositories up to date and current almost impossible. Most certainly in an online world and an economically confused city like Merritt. It is very difficult to grow any business; however, we are developing our online bookstore, progress is slow, but we are very committed. For products not in the shop, we do take orders, in the store, by email, or message of any kind, for all of what we sell. We do have access to almost anything computer, hobby, gaming or literary at discounted prices. There are computers, parts, accessories, flying drones, modelling paints, brushes, dice, booster packs, sleeves, deck boxes, play mats and all sorts of model kits for hobby-craft or gaming.

We look forward to hearing from you, ... since 2017, we have been under fire by jealous competitors, moving into town, or working from home. They are easy to spot with their misleading claims, poor credentials, high prices and playing victim online in baseless conspiracies. So, it is an inevitable result of social media, where drama rules the hearts and minds of many, there are people who would make bad reviews based on pure fiction. Being from a Small Country Minded City, online makes up only a small portion of who we are. There is, however, a guestbook in the store, filled with great reviews from all over the world! Any dipshit can put faceless pins in a map and claim stardom, not cool where we live. Make the choice for truth and justice! Walk amoung the stars of science fiction & fantasy from Hollywood North! Choose to seek us out and know for yourself the best cool service in Merritt! A friendly place to have some fun and hang with like minded individuals. Post an honest review on Google Maps based on a true experience, if we like the post, receive VIP status on discounts! Feel free to contact us online or visit our downtown Computer Centre. Cheers!

Mixt games are our secondary focus, where primarily we focus on Personal Computer Gaming for all levels of enthusiast. We can boast many acheivements in our personal gaming and in the equipment we design to play them on. We are supported by a 34 year veteran programmer, technician & gamer. Check out our 3D Printing service with many creations ready for sale, trade or design! Prototype a product, top a birthday cake or replace a broken model part.

The GameGrid Group Ltd.

GameGrid v4

GridBug.Pro Computer Centre
1999 Garcia St., PO Box 84,
Merritt, BC, V1K 1B8, CANADA

Mobile (250) 315-8247

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